Monday, February 23, 2015

February 15-21

This week had its ups and downs. On Monday, a group of us got together and the concrete canoe was made! A few of Seth's teammates were in a different country, so he needed extra help getting it done. I'm so thankful for everyone that showed up. There were people from BYU as well as Jeremy, Mark, Julia. It was fun to help out and work. We actually made the concrete, liked mixed things together and stuff! I'm so proud of Seth for all the time and work he's put into this.


On Friday, we went to a dinner that one of my visiting teachers invited us to. There ended up being 3 couples plus us. The best part about that dinner was this cute little tiny puppy. It made me so happy. I want one. Sethy and I went home and watched a movie :)


Saturday was the best I felt in a long time, and I was so thankful for that. Seth and I had a wonderful morning together, and he even made cinnamon French toast! What a keeper ;) then he went off to school, and later on I made 2 batches of bread and gave some to a couple girls.  Seth came back and we went on a date to the mall for pizza because I saw an ad for $3 pizzas! Booyah! It took us a while to find the pizza place, but we got to walk around and talk, and get a sample of teriyaki chicken from the Japanese place ;) And if it sounds like I'm obsessed with food, I pretty much am haha! But anyways, I like hanging out with my husband. And the place we went is called "Pizza Studio Utah." It's pretty neat. It's like the Cafe Rio of pizzas! It was so loud though so we went back to the food court to eat it :)


Being able to go outside for a little bit everyday feels so nice and I definitely need the sunshine. 
I also love when the house is neat and clean... It makes my soul feel more at ease and just in a happier, peaceful mood. 
I love good, inspiring books.
I'm grateful for Pinterest motivational quotes and such that can put me in a better mood.
Laying on the fouton when the sun is pouring in and feeling it's warmth.
Giving myself kindness.
Feeling love and support from others.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

My Birthday Week

Well, you never know what life is going to throw at you. This week I reconnected with someone and I'm so happy about it. 

On Monday, I watched a butt ton of One Tree Hill and made a Valentine's Ceaft that I found online. Seth and I went to the gym together, and made dinner together. Then we had FHE about love and we took the Love Languages quiz online. Lately we've been having pantry food that we've had forever. But today I did buy some produce (smoothies here we come again!) Seth played video games with his brothers and I read a bunch of stuff. The book club book this month is "No Doubt About It," by Sheri Dew. I've read it before, but long ago when everything seemed happy-go-lucky. Something rang really true though that has been happening to me, and I've been letting it go on for far too long. And it's about Lucifer, Satan, the Devil. He wants me to rise to an unhealthy, defeating, discouraging level of perfection. God knows that it will be impossible in this life to achieve perfection, but Satan wants us to think that we need to be perfect now. He loves using guilt on us in a way that makes us so defeated and miserable, whereas the Holy Ghost inspires us to do a little better and be a little better. Sadly, I've let this go on and affect me in terrible ways. And least now I remember that those mean feelings to myself DONT come from God. They come from someone that wants me to be unhappy and feeling like I will always fall short, no matter what. It sucks.

Seth and I have been reading scriptures together in the morning, which has made a really big difference. I get so much more out of it than reading from phones in bed before we fall asleep. And on Sundays, we read half an hour. We also decided last week that we are gonna try and go on a walk together every Sunday. I've also been reading scriptures on my own. The more I read, the more I want to read. Funny how that happens.

Also on my rant I'll say this: Provo isn't my favorite place in the world.


On Tuesday, Ashley did my hair and I felt so pretty on that day. It looks good! And we got to hang out just us girls.


Friday was my bIrThDaY! I feel like I'm in middle school when I do that capital-lowercase thing. But Seth sure did make me feel special, and more people did too.  Made me breakfast in bed, and gave me a massage even while I was eating it! He just is so sweet and wonderful. Later he brought me flowers, then my parents came down to Provo and took me to lunch and hung out! It was so nice of them. Awhile after Seth was done with school for the day, we headed to Salt Lake and went to Olive Garden (thanks for the gift card Marsha and Joe!), then went to Anniversary Inn and stayed in theVenice  suite :) There were rose petals strewn about the floor and it was just oh-so romantic. Seth even brought my presents and snacks for the night into the room. Awe :)


We had a nice day of love and I'm so grateful for our eternal love and commitment we have for each other. I'm so lucky to have Seth as my hubby. He really is just a precious sweet wonderful guy.


Thursday, February 5, 2015

February 1-7

Just a quick post about what's going on in our lives:

Some nights, I just don't want to make anything. 

Seth's concrete canoe is underway and it looks AWESOME! 

One of Seth's mission presidents and his wife sent us the picture of Christ. We really like it!

Also, Bajios. We are just in love with the carne asada steak chimichangas. <3



Sunday, February 1, 2015

January 25-31: Yay January is almost over!

This week Seth and I started working out. I bought a wristband, which mean unlimited access to fitness classes at the BYU gym!! Yay I'm excited!! Last week after the first couple classes, especially the 2nd (a class called "Ripped"), I was soooo sore. Boo yah. It feels good to workout.


Saturday was a good one. I made cinnamon rolls and Sethy had some school work to do.

I'm proud of him! He's on the concrete canoe team for BYU and they put in the reinforcement on Saturday for it, using bamboo. 

Then we had lunch together and later went on a date which included the mall, Bajios, and Wal-Mart for groceries and a movie. At the mall, we went to 2 stores. One of them happens to be my favorite store ;) where he let me buy stuff for myself ;) The other, was Tai Pan Trading Company. Let me tell you, we got some cheap cute dishes! And I was worried that Seth was gonna bump into stuff and knock it over. But he makes me laugh. Also, Bajios is so delicious. Thier carne asada steak chimichanga is the absolute best. We ended up getting 2 movies out of the $5 bucket; "Taken" and "Bounty Hunter." And you better believe we watched both.

I've also been struggling thinking of what to do with my hair. I just don't know!!! I need a change, or at least a good hair cut. I need to cut some of it off, and I might do more ;)

Seth went to the eye doctor and dentist recently (thumbs up). 

call family on Sundays
visit grandparents in Provo every about 3 weeks
read scriptures in the morning before work/school together
read scriptures individually everyday as well


My birthday is coming up. It's the day before Valentine's Day. And Seth and I are going on a mini-honeymoon ;) I am incredibly excited. And pretty soon, we will have been married for 8 whole months. I'm so grateful for Sethy and the wonderful adventure that marriage has brought into our lives. I've felt the most love that I've ever felt. He's so special to me. And excuse me for going off on a love rant, but he's the best thing that's ever happened to me. He's incredibly patient, kind and loving. He just wants me to be happy and not to mention his looks. :O Ah that sexy beast! He's such a good husband!!! And he's also excited to see me when he gets home. I love it. And he just has funny things that he does that are so cute.

Found that the other day from our reception. It makes me happy. I love you my sweetie pie handsome hubby!



January 18-24

What do I love?

Lately I've just been feeling kinda lost. Yes, I got my degree in teaching. I have my teaching license in Utah and Wyoming. I taught a year, now subbing. But I just want a job I love.... Yeah, subbing is okay but not the best. I just have not been feeling truly like myself. I need to remember and also realize and discover I what I love. Not anyone else, just me. I've had so much stress in the last while. Moving and starting a new job in Rock Springs, which was a really hard time in my life. Being engaged long distance while trying to make it worthily to the temple was so hard. The job I had. Then, I got married to my love and best friend (which is wonderful, but a stress. A change.) Moved home. Then moving again to Provo. And now, living in Provo. And there's more than what I have mentioned. It just doesn't truly feel like home here yet. But I think that as I become involved in things and get to know people and hang out with friends and family here, it will feel more like home.
Also I think that making my house more of a home will make it feel more like our home. We need to invite the Spirit into our home more through pictures, and more scripture reading, and making it a nice environment for feeling at peace. By doing things activities together where we can enjoy each other's company and get to know each other.

So, back to the question: what do I love?

Obviously, I love Seth. So much. He's everything to me. But I need to have a balanced life, and that means loving other things too.

I love having worry free sister and girl time... Hanging out and vegging out and just laughing and stuff.

I love feeling and looking pretty.

I love flirting and going on adventures with my babe.

I love traveling.

I love going out to eat.

I love watching movies/tv.

I also love reading, working out, blogging, cooking, baking, having a clean and organized house, making cute things for my house, shopping at VS ;) 


I need to enjoy who I am and what I have now, and take less time dwelling on the past and other things that take me away from the present. Remember what I want to be. I want to be a mother in Zion and raise a beautiful family. I want to keep a strong and healthy marriage. I want to live a healthy lifestyle and just be happy. I want to just continually build my testimony and improve my life and have balance. I want to feel productive. I want to accept and love myself more and to not be so hard on myself.


Take some time and rediscover who you are, what you love, and what makes you, you. Remember who you want to be, and live that way.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January 11-17


So I decided to make a turkey. I got it awhile ago and I've never cooked one, so I figured I would try. Eventually I'll be hosting my own Thanksgiving dinner! It actually turned out! The gravy was very salty though. And we have extra meat now in the freezer ;) Seth even came home from school and used a YouTube video of how to carve a turkey ;) And he did a wonderful job!

Seth and I went to a Chinese restaurant and there was this lady flipping out about soup ... Wow. Sounds like the cops were called and the lady (we think it was her) was sitting outside in her car when we left. We think waiting for the cops. Haha.

Another highlight of the week was going to a hockey game. We were there with Mark and Ashley, the engaged couple :) I'd never actually been to a hockey game before, but I liked it! 


Saturday~~ Seth didn't feel good :/
But a highlight is that we ate a bunch of junk food and watched 2 Harry Potters <3